Ahmedabad – THE UNESCO World Heritage City

Now declared by the UNESCO as the WORLD Heritage City. It’s a matter of pride for the country and the locals who call her ‘Amdavad’ and some also call her ‘Karnavati’. You can find her in camels pulling carts as young women whiz by on new two-wheelers. Or in old merchant families living in their original pols — those protected community houses in cloistered streets that are interconnected through secret passages and are a unique feature of the ancient walled city.
During Navratri, (Nine nights of festivities dedicated to the mother goddess) when nightly revelers turn the ‘ras garba’ dance into a statement in tradition, fashion, devotion, bonhomie… all with endearing overlap. The Old City has some intricate exquisite architecture and the outskirts too. The city is a home to a few finest museums in the country and offers mouth watering vegetarian cuisine.

Best time to visit: Autumn, Fall & Winter – September till March


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