A Glorious Chaos… This mystical land never fails to stimulate the dormant seeker within you. A land of startling contrasts.. Land of picturesque landscapes, vibrant colours and mesmerising art & architecture. Land that gave the world its best mathematicians, scientists and spiritual masters. Experience the tides of ancient history and her stimulating present. The composite mish-mash and influences, beautifully adopted by a generous welcoming community.

quintessentially yours

A must for the first time visitors to india.

A journey where different characteristics of  the country are amalgamated giving you a glimpse of this biggest democracy - The journey  will take you through time that will illustrate many facets of the country in its cities and towns and villages. Starkly visible  contrasts, ancient cultures, picture perfect palaces, countryside, folklore of the land, spices and flavors. Colours and intricacy  of its fabrics immaculately carved in her temples.

Experience the magnanimity of its past and feel its vibrant present at India's capital city - Delhi.

Soak into its spiritual ethos at varanasi,  lying on the banks of the Ganges, this city seems to be in sync with the cosmic geometry.

Explore the intricacy of the temples and the mystery behind its perfection at Khajuraho.

A first time visit to the country will be not complete without exploring the epitome of love - the Taj Mahal.

The pink city Jaipur apart from the history and its architecture has fervor in the festivities and colorful markets and intricate skill of gems.

Also explore real India where you are hosted by a noble family in their luxurious home amidst a beautiful rural canvas. Meet the local communities and witness the devotion finding its from in art.

Immerse into the nature and look for some resident birds during the rural encounter near a scenic location  at a camp site  near a beautiful lake Chhatrasagar. Enjoy farm to table delicacies and try your hand in some traditionl recipes.

 This is also the land of picture perfect palaces. Experience the grandeur of the royalty and trace their history their  forts and palaces at Jodhpur & Udaipur.

Also witness the striking contrast  that blends harmoniously in the financial capital - Mumbai.


Jaisalmer, a picturesque town with fortress  and the golden desert.

Mandu, poetry in stone.

Ajanta and Ellora probably the best murals of the ancient times and one rock monolithic that exemplifies ancient Indian architecture and skill of the craftsmen of those times.

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Best time

October to March


15 days

No. of travelers

From 1 to maximum 16 person only.