This ‘Blue City’ is mesmerizing. It has some striking monuments and was on the strategictrade route during medieval times. The traders referred as Marwadis managed and benefited from the traffic of opium, copper, silk, sandalwood, dates, coffee, guvar gum. Umaid Bhawan Palace… a beautiful art deco palace is a royal residence and also a luxury hotel.

The Sufi Festival (Nagaur and Jodhpur)

Against the backdrop of Jodhpur’s blue-walled cityscape, this incredible event in the courtyards and gardens of the medieval Mehrangarh Fort is a crazy mix of sights, smells and sounds: from spinning dancers and the endless aroma of curried meats to the raucous beat of Bollywood percussionists.

The five-day celebration mashes up traditional music with the latest sounds – Arabian Nights meets Buddha Bar. ‘The festival is heady,’ says Mick Jagger, who’s a patron, and there is a friendly party atmosphere as you drift through the chilled-out crowds of both metropolitan Indians and overseas music lovers. You’ll see an eye-popping variety of brilliantly named instruments – the morchang, gungaroo and dholak – and geeky types can find out what’s what at relaxed music sessions in the fort’s gardens.

Each night, in the light of the full moon, live acts pump out tunes from the main stage, and for hard-core hedonists, all-night parties roll on at Club Mehran. Not to be missed is the joyous yet spiritual melody of the d aily dawn raga. Performed on an open-air stage overlooking the city, next to the Jaswant Thada cenotaph, it’s definitely worth rising yourself out of bed for, and there are cups of steaming chai to help revive you.

Best time to visit: Autumn, Fall & Winter – September till March


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