Revel in the rich history, delicious coastal cuisine and newfound art scene this bustling port town offers. A gateway to the most authentic Ayurvedic centers across the state and the most picturesque backwaters and spice plantations…

I’ve been fed endless stories about this place: its history, its beauty, its culture, its cuisine… and how it’s impossible not to fall in love with it. A place that also, I have been told, is a whole new world in the monsoon. But reality proves to outdo my imagination. The palm-filled countryside is lush in varying shades of green; the air is chilled and redolent with the fragrance of fresh earth; and a smooth unspoiled tarmac leads to the main tourist drag in Kochi.

As we enter Fort Cochin and all of a sudden life slows down. It’s quiet, the peace broken only by the mild chatter of locals calling it a day; the rain-stung breeze carries a strong smell of the sea and in the fading evening light, the narrow winding streets with their gabled, colonial-era bungalows look like something out of a Victorian novel.

Best time to visit: Autumn, Fall & Winter – August till March


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