Ladakh, or La-Dags, the land of many passes—lies on the northern tip of India’s frontiers—is truly unparalleled in its majestic beauty…

High up in the shadow of the worlds highest peaks is this land of mythical beauty – a land where vividly colored mountains rise up dramatically on all sides, dwarfing the crystal rivers and shimmering glaciers, which make their way through the barren land. A land that is arid and harsh, but also one of the most beautiful, a land of warm and friendly people and a cultural heritage that is nothing short of amazing – Ladakh is the land of high passes remote isolated villages, magnificent monasteries, mountain lakes and glaciers where for centuries trade caravans carrying pashmina shawls, spices, saffron and opium passed through, travelling the Great Silk Route over the Karakorum to Central Asia and brought back tea, precious stones, hashish and tobacco.

Best time to visit: Monsoon – June till August


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