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“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy” ― Rumi

The idea for Merge came about when a few of us with sheer love for travel and swayed by its worth, took journeys together of our motherland and realized that she is just not something that one can see but can be only experienced. She invokes curiosity amongst most and some say knowing her has left us quench for more. The challenge was to make it as smooth for all with varied interests to the world’s largest developing democracy.
Bringing together our experience of over two decades in the travel industry we decided to carve a niche for our guests as well as travellers who are merely seeking travel information. It has been our privilege to work with very interesting travellers especially from the United States.
Guests who travel with us will have individual preferences taken care of while planning their trip itinerary, as designing a program for individual curiosities and motifs remains our forte. Therefore, listed on this site are various travel interests that India and her neighbors can offer. You could specify them to us and we will merge your interests and craft a journey for you.
Our network in India is an extremely dedicated group of professionals who provide top-notch and unparalleled travel services, comprehensively insured vehicles in excellent condition, tour guides that are selected exclusively and knowledgeable and renowned speakers on various subjects of interest and a few simple yet classy folks who love to meet people from all walks of life and whole-heartedly extend their space exclusively to enhance the experiences for our guests. We have listed a few of our favorite places from each country that gives a glimpse in to its character and diversity.