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The idea for Merge came about when a few of us with sheer love for travel and swayed by its worth, took journeys together of our motherland and realized that she is just not something that one can see but can be only experienced. She invokes curiosity amongst most and some say knowing her has left us quench for more. The challenge was to make it as smooth for all with varied interests to the world’s largest developing democracy.

Bringing together our experience of over two decades in the travel industry we decided to carve a niche for our guests as well as travellers who are merely seeking travel information. It has been our privilege to work with very interesting travellers especially from the United States.

Guests who travel with us will have individual preferences taken care of while planning their trip itinerary as designing a program for individual curiosities and motifs remains our forte.  Therefore, listed on this site are various travel interests that India and her neighbors can offer. You could specify them to us and we will merge your interests and craft a journey for you.

Our network in India is an extremely dedicated group of professionals who provide top-notch and unparalleled travel services, comprehensively insured vehicles in excellent condition, tour guides that are selected exclusively and knowledgeable and renowned speakers on various subjects of interest and a few simple yet classy folks who love to meet people from all walks of life and whole-heartedly extend their space exclusively to enhance the experiences for our guests.



Merge is an amazing travel company who would listen to my needs and then make the perfect recommendations for myself and my friends. Whether a 17-day train-and-car expedition through Gujarat, a luxurious beachside getaway in Goa, or a tour of centuries-old ruins in Karnataka, the arrangements were top-notch and we all had a fantastic time. They were able to work within our budget and knew all the local hotspots as well as the specific (ok, picky!) expectations and standards of expats. The English-speaking guides and drivers arranged were also perfect for us. The passion for helping people to explore India which shows up in the details and professionalism of their work. Go with them and you can't go wrong.


- Minal Hajratwala 
Author – Leaving India, My family’s journey through five villages.

Merge arranged two long trips for us, one in North India and one in the South, and we have nothing but the highest praise. Rather than trying to fit us into a pre-packaged itinerary, like many other operators, they listened and came up with ideas that made both vacations super-special - great little hotels and side-trips that no one else would have thought of. Plus the prices were competitive, perhaps even cheaper than an ordinary operator. But the real proof was that nothing went wrong. Six weeks in India and everything was perfect. The guides and drivers were always on time, always fluent in English and always of the highest quality. We trusted their people completely and were never disappointed. For years we had put off traveling to India, thinking it would be too chaotic. But Merge took the chaos out of it.


- Hy Conrad and Jeff Johanson, New York.

I can't say enough about how much I enjoy and appreciate the work that Merge has done for me in arranging travel experiences in India. Merge offers exquisite experiences – with the connections to knowledgeable guides, excellent hotels and they know the transportation system (with all of the glitches). They have a sense of my preferences so they set up the trips in a manner that meets my needs. I wish that I had access to someone like Merge here in the US. Merge is an excellent provider who I look forward to working with each year that I visit India. And I have recommended their services to a great many friends--all of whom say they also have had great experiences.


- Stacy Blake Beard – Professor at Simmons College, Boston

Mona provides excellent personalized travel services, paying special attention to the preferences of Americans traveling in India. Personally visiting all of the locations of recommendation and has great relationships with local tour guides in each city and the best hotels. Although we have traveled with only once, we plan to utilize her services again. Also, my brother has traveled with her twice, and we have recommended her to many friends.


- Gail Hauptfuhrer, Philadelphia

I was looking for the words that will eloquently paint a picture of the beauty of India. I kept asking myself how can I express to the reader/s how beautiful and majestic India is. Then I realized the people who may read this, are people like my husband and I, who were, before going to India, skeptics. So all I need to tell you is, if you are worry about your safety, your experience, or whether you will get your money's worth, then my only advise to you take services of Merge Experiences. Merge was recommended to me by a colleague, whom I went to crying as I spent many months planning my trip. My friend shared with me that I would have an epic vacation. This trip was for my husband's 40th birthday and I wanted it to be beyond epic, I wanted it to be memorable, I wanted him to leave India in amazement, and Merge made it happen. We were greeted at the airport, we didn't need to look or wait for anyone at all times we had a tour guide and a driver. We always had someone to assist us, the hotels chosen have majestic views and were all comfortable. Our driver was fun to talk to and all our tour guides were English speakers. We left India new. We saw the beauty (rich) and some of the beast (poverty) of India but most of all we experienced India's riches resources, the locals. The people are friendly, kind, and welcoming. Their culture, their clothing, their food, all rich and unique. Their love is strong and genuine. I enjoyed my 9 days in India and if you plan your trip with Merge, I promise you, you will enjoy it too. Trust me, if you are a skeptic, Merge will take very good care of you.


- Veronica and Marlon Sullivan – Lake Villa, Illinois